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"Forest Frequencies"; Gathering of the tribes [Pow Wow Edition] - The Open Air Electronic Music Festival

A Pow Wow has a meaning that runs deep into the roots of Native American cultural traditions and practices. It is a time when secular and sacred are intertwined; a time for spiritual enrichment and individual reflection; a time for tribes and clans from all corners to meet, dance, sing, heal and honor culture.

Forest Frequencies 2015, is inspired by those practices. We look upon each other as different tribal clans, coming from diverse musical backgrounds, uniting all music genres in one gathering, celebrating our diversity, and dancing as a form of personal expression, cultural identity, and physical enjoyment.

Another aspect of Native American spirituality is the belief that all elements of the world- the sky, the grass, the rocks, the animals, the wind, the sounds, the people - are relatives, and are to be recognized and treated with appropriate respect. Worshiping, singing, dancing and helping others are all means of spiritual participation by which the first nations unite with these elements and with each other… Let us honor these traditions, whatever is our musical clan affiliation, the presence of each one of us makes up the Pow Wow…

Your presence makes up Forest Frequencies Festival.